Suning Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

Suning was founded in 1990. So far, it has 180,000 employees worldwide. With two listed companies in China and Japan, Suning is one of China’s leading commercial enterprises. In 2016, with the annual revenue of 350 billion RMB, Suning Holdings Group ranks second in the top 500 private enterprises in China. Under the mission of “Leading the Industrial Advancements in Creating a Higher Quality of Life for All”, Suning strives to continue its rapid growth across six vertical industries, including commerce, real estate, finance, media and entertainment, sports and investment. Under the influence of Internet, Internet of things and big data, Suning Commerce Group insists on the essence of “retail”, and consistently sticks to its smart retail strategy and the integration of online and offline through a carefully designed internet retail blueprint of One Body (retail), Two Wings (online and offline operations), Three Clouds (opening up of its logistics, financial, and big data services via the cloud) and Four User Interfaces (POS, PC, mobile and TV), through which Suning provides ubiquitous service experience. In 2016, the offline network of covered over 600 cities at home and abroad with more than 4,000 self-operated stores and service stations including Suning Cloud Store, Suning Life Plaza, Direct-sales Store, Suning Supermarket, Redbaby Stores and Suning CVS., its online platform, now ranks among top three of China’s B2C market though its self-operation, opening up and cross-platform operation. Suning Real Estate Group, focusing on the intelligent development and operation of urban space, is a smart operator of real estate that promotes industrial revolution. In 2016, Suning Real Estate presents itself among the top 50 real estate enterprises in China. It injected its brand concept of “Pleasant and Intelligent” into the whole process of investment layout, planning and construction and customer service. With respect to smart home, smart office, smart business (shopping center/hotel) and smart property services, it borrows the experience in retail and O2O operation from Suning Holdings Group, and creates an integrated innovative real estate business chain, providing its unique products and services. Its business covers commercial, residential, and tourist sections, formulating three professional operation systems of shopping center, star hotel and property services, many of whom are city landmarks. Suning Financial Service Group, the leader of O2O finance, with its trading volume of more than 500 billion RMB in 2016 and profitability achieved, remains its position among first-tier domestic Internet financial groups. Based on the development of Suning’s commercial form, Suning Financial Service defines itself as a financial technology company characterized by a fusion development mode of O2O. Relying on the five core technologies of biometric features recognition, big data risk control, intelligent marketing, robo-advisor and financial cloud, it develops seven major businesses of payment, supply chain finance, consumer finance, investment and finance, crowdfunding, insurance and stored-value card. It has been committed to providing quality financial services for individual customers and SMEs and realizing inclusive finance and bargain finance. Suning Media and Entertainment Group creates the omni-channel industrial chain and strives to become the largest O2O cultural platform in China, connecting upstream and downstream consumption through content service, audience interconnection and scenario service. Centering on more than 400 million members and three scenarios of family entertainment, mobile social communication and cinema, Suning Media and Entertainment gives priority to four business operations of video entertainment, content service, O2O services and technical services with three branches of Company, Suning Cinema Company and Company. With the principle of providing “High-quality Sports Products and Services”, Suning Sports Group sets the goal of becoming an international sports group with the most complete industrial chain by integrating its sports resources. Arranged and planned businesses include club operation and management, sports media operation, youth training, sports events copyright operation, commercial operation, sports real estate development, etc. It boasts three football clubs: Jiangsu Suning Football Club, Jiangsu Suning Ladies Football Club and Inter Milan, and its media copyrights cover nearly 30 domestic and international sports events such as La Liga, CSL, AFC Champions League, Premier League, etc. Suning Investment Group is a professional platform engaging in business investment and financial assets management. Centered on consumption upgrading and technology advancements, Suning Investment focuses on providing “Healthy, Happy and Quality Life” to users with brand-new consumption scenarios, improved shopping experience and quality consumption content. It adheres to value investing and is committed to becoming top investment enterprise focusing on domestic business. By the end of 2016, it has finished 17 investment projects with the volume of nearly 20 billion RMB which effectively enhance Suning’s core competitiveness and enterprise value. Looking forward, Suning would further follow its strategy of “High-tech Suning and Smart Services”. With the vision of “Global Suning Built to Last” and the business philosophy of “Shared Capabilities, Linked Resources, Platform Building and Win-win Cooperation”, Suning would join hands with partners from various fields for global markets exploration to create a high-tech, international and diversified new Suning. It is to become a renowned global brand to serve worldwide population with the sales volume exceeding 200 billion USD (one trillion RMB) by 2020.

Introduction of PPTV, previously known as “PPTV Network TV” (also known as JULI Video, and PPLIVE), provides the highest quality viewing experience for its users and strives to be the most integrated streaming platform for the emerging young generation in Tier 2 to Tier 4 cities, leveraging strategic resources from Suning Media & Entertainment Group. As a pioneer within the Chinese streaming industry, owns rich, high-quality content, has professional media operation capabilities, and fully integrates a wide variety of content, including sports, TV series, variety shows, entertainment, and news. In 2017, distributed the IP TV series In the Name of the People, Eternal Love, Oh My General. In 2018, it bought the exclusive online broadcasting rights of All Out of Love, 20 Once Again, Our 40 Years, and In Law We Believe. Through its streaming broadcast and professional production on PP Cloud - an Internet-based streaming cloud platform, provides its audience with the latest HD and interactive content experience and network TV media services, all available on intelligent terminals, such as PC webpage end and client end, mobile phones and PAD mobile terminals, and Internet TV and Set-Top Boxes.